how #thisishowiwasborn was born


Created by Ashley Spivak and Natalia Hailes, #thisishowiwasborn is a sister project of Brilliant Bodies that hopes to demystify and normalize birth in our culture and show how much there is to learn about ourselves and the creative process through the lens of, you guessed it, how we're born. 

Because we created Brilliant Bodies at the same time we were attending births, we came to see firsthand just how many parallels there were between the two creative processes -the release into the unknown, giving up control, riding through discomfort, allowing something outside of our reason and minds to lead the way. And we thought, whoa! There is so much we can all learn from this!

Most of us know little about birth in general, let alone our own birth stories, especially if we haven't had kids ourselves yet.  But the funny thing is, no matter where we come from, the one thing we have in common is that we were ALL born! So isn't it strange that we never really talk about it? 

And as we began to ask about our own birth stories and encourage others to do the same, we saw over and over just how much there was to be gained from this experience. It allowed us to connect dots we never had before, connect with our parents and ourselves in a new way, confront the fear these stories may have instilled in us so that they don't come to play in our own birth experiences, and really just marvel over the magic of being born.

We are all creators and there are so many of us out there doing such amazing things. And so, our hope with #thisishowiwasborn is to not only ignite curiosity over birth policies, practices and reproductive health in general, but to inspire awe over all we are really capable of. 

Curious about how you were born? We encourage you to find out! Don't know where to start? **Here's a little something that can help. Share your story using #thisishowiwasborn on Instagram. We'd love to hear it! 

Want to be featured? Head over here and tell us a bit more about you. 

**How you got here is not an indication of what your birth will be like! Use your story as a platform to learn, grow and question.